Mission Statement: Our mission is to support all missionaries and churches around the world.

The Goal of GVM is to Promote, Market and Advertise Your Mission!

Scripture Message

Support Gods Voice Mail and help GVM support Missionaries

God's Voice Mail Membership:

GVM is a per missionary or church membership website.

  • Registration is free.
  • Donations from individuals go directly to the missionary or church.
  • Donations do NOT go through GVM.
  • Missionaries and Churches should have a PayPal account.
  • GVM does NOT take a percentage of donations given to you.
    Example: If you donate $25.00 to Missionary A through Paypal than Missionary A received $25.00

God's Voice Mail Options:

  • Media: Read news from the missionaries and churches..
  • Announcements: Post news about you and your mission.
  • YouTube Trailers: Post your mission trailer link on GVM for all to view.
  • Interviews: Post or schedule Interviews for distribution.
  • Events: Post in advance your missionary Events for distribution.
  • Email distribution: Free options are available.

God's Voice Mail Distribution:

With your GBM membership will receive automatic distribution to all GVM Options which includes the following:

  • Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Email to GVM members.
  • All associated websites and their social media outlets.

Benefits of Working with Gods Voice Mail

If you are a missionary and really need a location where you can promote, market, and advertise your mission to the world, register and begin posting your message. Welcome to GVM where we make it happen for you.
Social Media
Twitter, FaceBook, Linkedin & Instragram
Your message will be listed on the front page of GVM.
Your message will be archived where it will always be accessible on your missionary display page.
Your message will be automatically be posted and distributed through social media marketing channels.
Link GVM Messages
You can link all your GVM messages to your website and use the link in all other promotions.
Donations will go directly to you through your PayPal account.